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QT Club, Quad Club, & Trixel Club

The QT Club, otherwise known as the Quad Trixel Club, recognizes women skaters who have landed both a triple axel and one or more quads. The club has both members and prospective members, with the criteria for each described in much further detail on this page. In addition to the QT Club, there is a separate Trixel Club and a separate Quad Club, as well as individual club sections for each quad jump. Also found on this page is the Ultra-C Grid, a helpful visual overview of every skater who has landed a triple axel and/or one or more quads.

Notable Russian Women Skaters

Provides information on notable Russian women skaters, all the way from seniors down to novices, with a particular focus on skaters relevant from the Sochi Olympics onward, including some skaters who have since retired. This is not meant to be comprehensive, and inclusion in the database is very much subjective, especially with novice and junior skaters, who are still quickly developing. As of late 2022, there were over 120 skaters being tracked.

Non-Russian Women Skaters

Provides information on non-Russian women skaters, but limited to skaters who are members or prospective members of the QT Club, Quad Club, or Trixel Club.

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